Atypical place in Paris, the Elixir Massage Institute is a new address hidden in the 16th arrondissement where naturist massage and sensory pleasure follow one another, in a spirit of innovation and relaxation. Built in Parisian boudoir, this modern and luxurious Spa is the favorite spot for sensual massage lovers. Passionate about the techniques of relaxation, our 6 naturist masseuses are at the initiative of the concept, that of creating a singular erotic salon, at the crossroads of relaxation and well-being naturism.

Each body care reveals a personal interpretation and tailor-made, aiming to challenge your 5 senses.

We have served you a refined menu offering erotic rituals in a chic and comfortable atmosphere, to offer you a sensory journey to various destinations: Californian massage, Ayurvedic, Body Body or Tantric, come to recall the magic of the senses in the purest tradition of naturist massages.

Elixir Massage reveals its exceptional universe constantly renewed to amaze its male customers from Paris and around the world. Discover the nude haute couture massage that will remain forever etched in your memories.


Erotic massage as an alternative to well-being ...



Paris is first and foremost perceived as the capital of fashion and luxury. City of lights where you can now come and drink your well-being elixirs with the naturist massage, in the most popular neighborhoods of the 16th Paris. The Elixir institute presents its naturist massages menu which is both creative and sensitive. The sensual massage as a bastion reserved for lovers of dilettante, looking for body treatments at the forefront of relaxation techniques. Our Massage Center presents the haute couture of erotic massage, as an anthology of exceptional care and relaxation. 



In a real haven of well-being, the Elixir Massage Spa located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, has brought together the best elements to build a team of prestigious naturist masseuses. First and foremost chosen for their physical attractiveness and love for the well-being professions, these naturist massage experts have in fact their favorite field. Very active, our young practitioners have already traveled the world to discover and train in the ancient art of touch sensitive.

Our 6 masseuses Leah, Mayiah, Evah, Lanah, Samantha and Cassie all have a beautician diploma and have followed a massage of wellbeing. They were able to perfect their technique and perfect themselves in the practice of sensual modeling, such as:

Our professionals in the field of massage, are endowed with a know-how and a great dexterity. They possess several significant experiences in erotic massage so as to assimilate all the facets that compose it. Open-minded, they are comfortable with nudity. Well in their body, they use it as a means of expression to refine the meaning of perception and exchange. With a focus on listening to the client and their intimacy, they allow the magic to be performed by their expert hands that sublimate the body and reveal the spirit.



I - The commitment of a quality service

Our Charter is above all a guarantee of quality, a spiritual guide to ensure a massage session with confidence.

Our Quality Charter has for orientation, the path towards a well-being by the accompaniment of being towards letting go.

II - Naturist philosophy as a source of well-being

The client undertakes to comply with the rules laid down by the Elixir Institute. All protocol treatments proposed are of the "naturist" type. Because of the nakedness of the acts, the services are exclusively intended for the adults. The only motivations that lead to the reservation of a nude massage is the shared attraction for the naturist philosophy and the idea of ​​relaxation that it gives to the body and the psychic benefits.

III - The sensual massage in the card

Upon arrival, the client will be presented with the model card, detailing their specificities with price and duration of sensual massages

a) The choice in erotic massage, the advice and more


The Elixir Massage Institute wanted to make your moment of relaxation more intense, by offering you a varied menu of erotic massages. The customer can get help on advice of hostesses.


b) Professional masseuses, serious and available

The staff is committed to not influencing the clientele towards the most expensive service, but you advise after assessing your needs, to best fit your expectations. Our masseurs trained in the professions of well-being are above all devoted and helpful for the purpose of customer satisfaction. Our staff is committed to scrupulously respecting the duration of care. To do this, our cabins are equipped with programmable timers to avoid harming customers.

IV - Naturist massage prohibited from any sexual act


The sensual massage proposed by the practitioner, can not be the subject of a tariffed relationship, nor be assimilated to any sexual act. Our Wellness Spa is a respectable institute. Our masseuses will adopt an impeccable attitude in the cabin, devoid of any sexual connotation.After the checkout, the care can not be changed, nor can any supplement be requested in the cabin.The course of your care must take place in order and discipline. Respect for the masseuses is de rigueur. No gesture, solicitation, or inappropriate word is tolerated, on pain of the early and irrevocable termination of the session, without the possibility of claiming reimbursement.

Under Article 1 of Decree No. 96-879, repealed by the decree of August 8, 2004, relating to the exercise of masseurs-physiotherapist, our comfort massages are in no way affiliated with the techniques of physiotherapy or medical act.


V - Nudity during massage, never without your agreement

Although the naturist massage is the specificity of the Elixir salon, nudity should not be imposed on the massé. To avoid hindering your moment of relaxation, our staff is committed to respecting your privacy by providing you with towels available for your waist. The mass has a time to undress. This time is counted from the body care.

The customer can leave in cabin business and other personal effects safely. It is best to turn off your mobile phone or put it in airplane mode to avoid disrupting your care.

VI - Conditions of hygiene and cleanliness

For the sake of hygiene and cleanliness, the massage cabins are systematically cleaned and sanitized before and after each treatment by the staff. The massé is led to the showers before the beginning of his session.

As for our massaging staff, we ask our guests a personal hygiene austerity.


VII - Use of organic quality products

To avoid the risk of allergens and preserve the sensitivity of your skin, the essential oils used by our naturist practitioners are organic. Respectful of the environment the use of organic products offer you more comfort and give you better feelings.

VIII - Reservation of a naturist massage

For a better comfort, it is possible to reserve your naturist care by means of the contact form or by telephone by calling It is advisable to arrive on time. In case of delay or cancellation, it is advisable to contact us to warn us.


The institute's staff is committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the client, and will never divulge their contact details to third parties.


We can decide to put an end to benefits in case of non-compliance with the rules of our quality charter.

Elixir Massage wishes you a harmonious moment of relaxation and abandonment in its seductive Parisian Spa.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning you. You can exercise this right by sending us an email or post.